An innovative Not-For–Profit organization In pursuit of knowledge for the welfare of mankind.

Birth of a new star in the East..

Centre of excellence converting knowledge to wealth for welfare

Not for Profit organization

Striving to be India’s largest Research and Development Organization

Multi billion Rupees corpus

Team of Over 200 scientists and engineers

Gharda Scientific Research Foundation

Gharda Scientific Research Foundation founded by Dr.KHG, veteran Chemical Engineer Scientist Entrepreneur is a Section 25 Company, a Not for Profit organization dedicated to Research and Development in applied sciences and Engineering.

Company is currently working on development of several path breaking technologies, in diverse areas such as utilisation of waste red mud from Aluminium industry, novel coke less process for iron ore reduction, coal pyrolysis and liquefaction, biomass refining, novel direct electrolysis process for Titanium, alternate technology for Aluminium, high performance Polymers, Pigments, Fine Chemicals etc.

- Already with 2 dozen patents

- Second incarnation of a pioneer Agro Chemicals company

- For furthering research and development for the well being of society…

- Beyond borders, beyond Horizons…..

- Currently immersed in development of several path breaking technologies…

- In diverse fields, myriad ways…

- Utilisation of waste red mud – Danube and the Ganges shall not be bloody again …..

- Elimination of Red Mud …. Novel coke less process for iron ore reduction….

- Coal pyrolysis and liquefaction…Biomass refining….

- Direct electrolysis process for Titanium….High Performance polymers and pigments….

- Resources of the planet shall not be wasted …..

- Human endeavour shall not be squandered….

- Dr. Gharda dedicates his life and wealth to humanity in its quest for a better life for all, for ever….for ever..

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